How to go about merging these?

As the metadata would have it, the following two are actually the exact same release edition:

Both are reprints rather than the original version (Release “幽遊白書~ミュージックバトル編” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz), yet the metadata is different, with one of those opting to use actors rather than characters.

As a result, the two can’t be merged even though they should be, what edits to the metadata would I have to make before the merge operation can be carried out?

(For reference, this is how the booklet credits them, and it lists the cast separately.)


Pseudo-releases can be used for differences in the structuring and formatting of artist credits. The recordings should be merged.


The recordings are in the process of merging now, so perhaps from there it will be easier to find a method of organizing the artist credits.