How to force to find the original relase album with cover instead of any compilation

I have a lot of not tagged mp3 that are just picks from albums or compilations, so not the hole album but only pieces of it. Nevertheless I would like to bundle this mp3 with the original cover.
The good news: the fingerprint works rather well (step 1). So I get artist and title.
Despite I have configured my preferences (moved slider for tagging to right for album and left to compilations), the result of finding seems rather random. So my steps are first to save at least artist and title and than in a second step try to find similar releases. As I am not so familiar with original albums, this is rather hard work (step 2). Manually I do that by select an album that is not marked as compilation with an old release date.
Once I found it it might happen there is no cover. So 3rd step is to find album with cover. This is already supported but has to be taken manually again.

I am wondering, whether and how I can simplify step 2 and 3. Especially step 2 (find the proper album) is a pain. Does this preferences really work or am I doing something wrong?
Imho it should best filter only album, use single if no album is found and only if this fails use a compilation (with preference to Best of artist not best of 90th …). Maybe the release date can help to find the original.
If I can connect this with check for availability of cover this would be perfect.

MBP is a great tool with a lot of features. What I miss are profiles. Sometimes I want to exclude tag fields (like title or album) from save (which is possible), sometimes not. But switching between this settings is not possible in a simple way (at least I don’t see this).

I am running this under Linux - if this matters for something.

Is the release in the database?
Find it on the web and push that into Picard.
What you could try is to load 1 track
Look up the fingerprint and get this to match a release (anything).
Click the lookup in browser button.
Find the recording on the website
Look at the list of releases that have that recording.
Find the correct release.
Click the button to open it in Picard.

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That is the way I do and described - the manual way.
My problem (as example) to tag “In the air tonight - Phil Collins”. Although I preferred “album” as tag source I get a compilation. Of course I can in a second step try to find the album, but I don’t know what is name of Album - I have to search - very time consuming. Imagine that for around 2000 songs …

did you ever get an answer to this? i have same problem as you. Over 3K singles but i keep getting compilations instead of original albums, and most are in the database but it doesn’t give them to me as options.