How to fix two releases of Lustmord "Rising"?

Recently I started cleaning up the releases of “Rising” by Lustmord. I’m left with two releases that still need some attention, and I would appreciate your advice on how to proceed.

In the first two tracks have wrong titles, because the track listing in the first release was wrong (see for details). There were two re-releases since then, so the correct titles are known now. The recording titles have been fixed, but I’m not sure how to handle the track listing. I could either:

  • Leave the incorrect track listing as it is, and leave the annotation explaining that the first two titles are wrong
  • Correct the first two titles in the track listing, and leave an annotation explaining why they’re different than what the cover says (that could be better IMO)

What do you think?

A more problematic release from this RG is I couldn’t find any evidence that this was in fact released by the Soleilmoon label. The track listing seems incomplete (one track is missing), but the total time is almost exactly the same as in other releases. It is unclear where the track lengths came from (and there’s no disc ID attached). I suspect most of the information about this release was copied from Amazon page. I can’t prove beyond a doubt that this release is bogus, but I can’t find any evidence of its existence. So far I just changed the data quality to “Low” (

Maybe there are some Lustmord fans here who could help clarify if this release is real or not?

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To me, the first one falls into the Error Correction category, so I would say to correct the titles and note the misprinting in an annotation.

As for the second, have you tried emailing @viper666 directly? He was actively editing as recently as this April.

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I will take a look at these issues over the weekend, maybe even some disc IDs, thanks for pointing them out.


Thanks for your answers. :slight_smile:

I opened an edit to fix the track listing in the first release. Annotation is already in place.

As for the other one, let’s wait. Hopefully @viper666 can find some information.
And no, I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me to ask @viper666 first… :man_shrugging:


The other one released by Soleilmoon Recordingscan be found here
I will fix the tracklisting as one is missing… allthough from what im seeing its basically the album released by Ant-Zen as it has the same barcode. Maybe its just a resell…

Anyway it’s not a “proper” release found anywhere else so i’m merging it with the original

Agreed, the ‘additional information’ tab on the Soleilmoon product page even says “Label ANT-ZEN”

Yep, definitely looks like a resell.
@viper666 thanks for your help (and for approving my earlier edit). :slight_smile: