How to fix these two "swapped" releases?

The contents of these two releases by The Lounge Lizards

Live in Berlin, 1991, Volume 1

Live in Berlin, 1991, Volume 2

are swapped, i.e. the list of tracks is correct for the other release.

Note that track names and lengths are correct and consistent with discids.
Release name, cover art and label catalog# are consistent with one another, but the discogs link points to the correct release.

Note I own both CDs. Is it better to rename the releases (and fix cover art) or should I move the tracks to the other release?


I suggest you do whatever is less work, which is probably to rename the releases and release groups, then fix the cover art. Just explain what’s going on in the edit notes.

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According to discogs, “Intuition Records changed the titles of the releases Vol. I and Vol. II”. So the releases that are there are probably valid for the Intuition versions and new releases should be created for your CDs.

How exactly the RGs should be structured though…I guess they should be named after the earliest release which seems to be the veraBra version? So the tracklist that starts with “Tibet” would be in the “volume 2” RG and that would include the Intuition “volume 1” release as well as the veraBra “volume 2”. (Basically the same organization as discogs).


Ohhhh man, that is an extremely confusing thing to do :joy:


Hence the name, “Intuition…” :slight_smile:

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Forgot to mark these edits as votable, but FYI I added disambiguations to ‘help’: