How to FIX incorrect track length with correct Disc ID TOC lengths

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I have a group where the track legths are way off.

I’ve corrected the vinyl copies, but the CD versions have incorrect lenghts and have disc IDs attached, so I can not edit the lenghts directly. The interesting thing is, the Disc IDs TOC show the correct lengths.

What would be the best way to fix this without removing the Disc IDs (which I didn’t want to do).

Thanks in advance.


On the DiscID page, there are links “Set track lengths” for each release the DiscID is associated with.


You are the BEST !
I knew there was an easy solution.

Thanks alot.


On that matter, @chirlu, tell me how you think.

I was planning to add such a feature to a script of mine but it would feel even better integrated into MBS (maybe I can even do pull request, really I am not sure as I don’t know the language of MBS).

IMO Set track lengths links belong to the Release’s Disc IDs tab’s Edit column, not to the Disc ID page’s Edit column.

I think we should move those, really. :slight_smile:

It’s not only more convenient (for me):

Indeed you expect an editor with their CD wants to apply the TOC from their release cdtocs.
You don’t want an editor to apply a cdtoc to a bunch of releases (it’s even difficult to find the correct release usually in there, you have to look at the URL for not doing any mistakes).


It might make sense, I guess.

The way to make it (eventually) happen is to open a ticket about it. :slight_smile: