How to fix an incorrect fingerprint?

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I have a track that’s being tagged incorrectly in Picard. When I look into it, it’s because the fingerprint/AcoustID of the file is tied to the wrong release.

Here is the fingerprint in question:

It should be tied with this recording: but instead is tied to this recording:

How do I fix this? I see an option to unlink it but I am not sure what effects it will have on the other recording.

Unlinking only unlinks the AcoustID from the recording of the recording page you are on. The correct recording is not affected.

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@TestyTest Possibility #2:
You can Disable the wrong linked “Title” on the AcoustID page.

(If you don’t see Disable, you have to “Sign In” first (upper right corner on AcoustID page), it’s easy because you can re-use your MusicBrainz login as one of the login options.)


Thanks @mfmeulenbelt @InvisibleMan78

Went ahead and unlinked the AcoustID.

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