How to fingerprint Streaming services?


I would like to fingerprint albums on streaming services such as Spotify. Is there any tools to both submit album information, and submit the AcoustID-fingerprints from these?


I’m (intending to be) working on a script to aid adding Spotify info to MusicBrainz:

Some people have talked about userscript importers for Spotify. I don’t know anything about the status of those, or whether they’re viable at all!

I don’t know of any tools that allow analysing the streamed audio for AcoustID (and AcousticBrainz?) analysis.


According to Lukáš Lalinský’s Blog, his newest Chromaprint (> 1.4) is able to do that: [quote]The biggest feature is that all components of audio fingerprinting process now work in a streaming fashion and can provide partial results at any time. That means that it’s now possible to feed a continuous audio stream to the process and get back partial fingerprints. This is useful if you want to fingerprint e.g. an internet radio stream and do not want to explicitly split the stream into small chunks. There are also side effects of these changes and the whole process is now faster and uses less memory.[/quote] Source: