How to find a list of my notes on edits?

There is “My Data -> Notes Left on My Edits”.
How to do the reverse? I.e. how can I find my notes I left on someone else’s edits?

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It would be nice to have a link for this under My Data.


Many thanks!

I totally agree.

I filed a ticket which I guess may not be exactly what you want, but it may be a good compromise between cluttering the menu and empowering users. :slight_smile:


As there is already “My Data -> Notes Left on My Edits”, do you really think that adding the logical counterpart already would make the menu too cluttered?

I think you could/should still start using your browser favourites to store all searches that interest you.
It’s very customisable this way.

cf. other examples of searches as favourites.

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You’re free (and very welcome!) to open tickets for feature requests as well. In the end, what I personally think is of very little importance compared to what the wider user base thinks. This is just the 2nd topic I’ve seen in a couple of weeks asking for more edit searches to be available through the “My Data” dropdown.


Make sure you always vote on an edit you are commenting on. Even if an Abstain. Then you can find them via the “Profile \ Votes”.

(I am similar to you, wanting to follow up conversations. I always vote on something I comment on to have some attempt at finding it again. A request last week to have the “Show me my votes” on that “My Data” menu was also turned down and bookmarks suggested. Hopefully that MBS-9861 ticket gets somewhere as that sounds a nice solution)

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That’s exactly the problem. You can’t vote on closed or auto-edits, only ask via note. It happened more than once that I asked, didn’t get an answer and remembered about the issue only much later when I was not able to find that edit again.


Substituting your own name for mine, of course. I added the “Created after” criteria because the search would occasionally time out before completing.

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Or use Kid_Devine’s URL for current user. :wink:

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Ah… yeah… I know what you mean. I’ve also done similar. And also forgot. Even more frustrating when that was on the “Edits on subscribed entities” as any comment tends to make it vanish from that list.

Some of the old hands here are total whizzes with the searches. Thanks to @Billy_Yank he has lifted some of the secret veil to show us the magic arts.

There are soooo many tricks here it is a game of ever learning :slight_smile:


Well yes, but that’s mainly an impenetrable block of text. The GUI is much easier for a layman to understand and play with.


The main problem with this, to me, is that each edit is promptly sourced by a note which is then indistinguishable from any ‘follow up’ ones of particular interest: With the above methods, as an exemplary sourcer you either get your every edit, or only those notes prompted by other editors. A forced ‘edit source’ note attribute would help. (The current alternative to never source one’s edits, saving that space as a notepad, is not hereby threatened.)

Not really. This search looks for other editors’ edits where you have written a note, not your own edits (where, as an examplary editor you have left a reference). :wink:

Yes, that is what I said: “either get your every edit (because you reference-note them all), or only those notes (by you) prompted by other editors(’ edits).”

As long as you are not doing monologues at your own edits, you will find all your edit discussions by combining “notes of others on own edits” and “own notes on other’s edits”. Unfortunately, currently only one of these two parts is easily accessible.

That is another way (two needed for that “pinch” really) to narrow down things of particular interest: “all your discussions”. As you say, it misses monologues of possible “note to self” interest, and I would still like a catch for notes excluding the one left with each edit.