How to enter uncertain data

Entering data from the liner notes on A Prairie Home Companion 25th Anniversary Collection has proven trickier than I expected, because not everything matched up when I tried to connect the recordings to their source shows.

This is a minor example, which I was confident enough of to enter the corrected info instead of what was on the liner notes:

These cases weren’t clear enough for me to feel like I could make a call:

I settled on putting the info from the liner notes in the recording disambig, but not actually creating the relationships to go with it - and putting the results of my research in the annotation. Does that seem like a reasonable approach? Do you have other suggestions? What do you in general if you think the liner notes might be wrong, but you’re not sure what’s right?

[Edit] I’ve resolved A Summer Night - it was a solo performance by GK. The other one is still a mystery.

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Adding an annotation when in doubt is always a good idea, and even if you think you’ve resolved the mystery, it can be good to explain how you’ve come to your conclusion. After all, at a later date another editor might come along and try to fix it based on the same source as yours.

I am not so sure about the disambiguation comment if you’re not certain of the information. Maybe it would be wise to add something like “probably” or “possibly”. Another editor might see the recording title and disambiguation comment without going to the recording page and seeing the annotation.


Thanks, that makes sense.

I have used probably on the disambiguation comment on:

I found this information important enough to be displayed to editors, but I could not be 100% sure about the fact.

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I usually append “(?)” to pieces of information I’m unsure about. E.g., “Danish(?) rapper(?); member of Foo Posse”.


In your examples I think you’ve actually ‘appended’ the “(?)”

ps thank you for the new word (prepend) :wink: