How to enter an updated CD (3 of 3)?

I added a 3 disc release of ‘The Complete Josef Lhevinne’ (linked). A few days ago I received an updated disc 3 from the publisher, Marston Records. The accompanying note indicated that track 5 was mastered incorrectly on the original release and was in the wrong key. The updated disc has the correctly mastered track in the right key. What is the best way to add this new information?

  1. Add a new CDTOC to the existing CD 3 media with an annotation?
  2. Create a new release and mirror all information except for CD 3 and add a new ‘recording’ for track 5?
  3. None of the above and something else?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


This. Be sure to mark the original release as Withdrawn, and add disambiguations and annotations explaining the situation.


That seems like a reasonable solution.