How to Document a Box Set of Two Existing Releases

So I got my copy of おとのはレター COMPLETE SET today, and realized that it is just a boxed sets of two existing releases:

Which seem to correspond to these two releases which are also available individually:

But the outer paper jacket has its own artwork, title, and barcode, so I assume it counts as a separate release.

I know that there is the concept of “box set” in MB, but I would like to confirm:

  • Does this count as a box set?
  • What type of relationships shall I add (I checked release relationships and release group relationships, but none of the options seem to apply)?


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It has a barcode 4560372457520, Japanese catalog number KDGG-0589, and its own discography page. It’s a release.

If the discs inside this release are from another release, you should use the “included in” relationship at the release group level: