How to delete a whole entry?

Hey folks, sorry bothering you but I couldn’t imagine who to delete that: isn’t any Artist it’s the title of a song by Mr. President. Please see:

Well this topic (Delete Artist) talks about “you should remove the releases”… easy… and how? All I can do is “add” something… Or have I missed that something? Btw: Would it be better to contact the editor? it’s only one.

Btw2: Great project this DB!

Thanks for any help!

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It seems that track title and artist should be swapped:

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I’ve submitted edits to update the release, update the recording and merge the artist to get rid of the entry.
It is better to merge than get rid of entries so I am merging " Coco Jamboo" into “Mr. President”.

It should sort itself out in a week. If you want to vote on the edits to make it faster feel free but it would be better if we can get the first 3 edits applied before the artist is merged.


I’m pretty sure the artist would be automatically removed within 24 hours once the other edits get applied (because it will be empty), so the merge was not really needed.

The merge is needed exactly because it would have otherwise been removed:


I knew that it’s better to merge entities rather than delete them but I didn’t know this also applies in cases where ModBot would be the one to remove empty entries. It totally makes sense, though.

Thanks a lot for this enlightening discussion and doing the job, I see databases are more complicated than it seems at first sight.