How to credit the release when digital media shows the group member

Sometimes digital platforms credit the members to the group release/track. Here is one instance:

Plain is a duo featuring Waxahatchee and Jess Williamson, but digital platforms (deezer, spotify, am…) will credit the artist as “Plain/Waxahatchee/Jess Williamson”. Therefore, is it necessary to credit the release artist as “Plain, Waxahatchee & Jess Williamson” to keep in line with digital platforms, while keeping the RG artist as “Plain”?
Similar examples include Silk Sonic, LSD…

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Spotify credits performers and remixers a lot. Don’t add them. I usually crosscheck with Apple or Deezer and see what artist are credited there to help out. On this I’d only credit Plains. Spotify I think does this so that if someone wants to find all tracks by a particular artist, it helps with that. Apple Music only credits Plains on it’s pre-release of the album.


I agree with the previous post.

In these cases i like to also take a look at the artwork and physical artwork to get info about a fitting crediting. Sometimes group indications like ‘trio’, ‘quartet’… ‘octet’ disappear on spotify.
also connectors are missing on spotify and on Apple they are usually credited as ‘and’.

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