How to credit Audio Dramas?

I am trying to compile information of audio drama related to the series Maitetsu and enter them into MB, but I need some additional help in how to correctly enter them into MB.

Take かさなるASMR みくろ as an example, there are a few problematic points:

  • Possibly for SEO purposes, the online listing has a very long title: かさなるASMR ~サヌカイト風鈴の鳴る縁側で愛情たっぷりの床屋さん。シャンプーからのヘアカットのあとは、あわだてしゃぼんで襟足剃りと、あひる羽毛梵天の耳掃除~, but if you actually open the downloaded files, the virtual booklet has a much shorter title: かさなるASMR みくろ. Which one should I use?
  • The credits are also a bit confusing:
    • Similar to doujin works, the entire release is released under a “circle,” currently known as RaRo (once called RailRomanesque). So I assume that’s what the release artist should be.
    • However in the credits section on the listing page, there are also the following:
      • みくろ:桐村まり (voice actress)
      • イラスト:麻の葉 (illustrator)
      • シナリオ:進行豹 (main producer)
      • 録音調整・編集:新井健史(HMRエンターテインメント) (record engineering and compilation)
      • 音響効果:準々(HMRエンターテインメント) (sound effects)
      • アシスタント:準々(HMRエンターテインメント) (production assistance)
      • 収録:アストラルスタジオ (sound recording - judging from the company profile it’s probably recording studio for the voice actress)
    • And my question is: shall I just use the “circle” as the track credits too?

I think with the title you can go with your own preference, as I’d give the download booklet title quite a high ‘artist intent’ score. Sounds like you might prefer the shorter one!

Definitely add the other one as an alias either way.

Audio dramas usually have a massive pile of credits. I would put the release and track artist as whatever’s/whoever’s on the cover and put the rest into relationships.

P.s. loving the Google translate on this one!
“Bulky ASMR ~ Sanukito A barber with a lot of love on the veranda where the wind chimes ring. After the haircut from the shampoo, shave the neck and shave the duck and clean the ears of the duck brahma.”