How to create different type of entities as a series

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Part I (release group)
Part II (release group)
Part III (release group)
Part IV (recording)

I want to create a series for these, but I can’t find any solution other than adding annotation.


The only thing I can think of: You could create a series of recordings and give all recordings on the same release the same series number, but that’s far from a good solution. I guess you’ll need to file a request in the issue tracker.

PS: Or create an RG for Part IV with an annotation that this is not a real RG and was only added so it could be added to the series.


What exactly qualifies the last part to be only a standalone recording while all others are proper releases?


I thought that too at first, but it’s not standalone, but a track on a release.


(…)Contrary to the previous three releases, the track was released compiled universally—however, the three individual tracks were still delegated(…)


Thanks both of you, I totally missed that release. Good question than indeed what to do :frowning:

Another idea:

Add all 4 parts as spearate works, link the recordings to the respective works, create a series of the works.