How to correctly tag cover albums?

Hey all. I am a new editor and want to make sure that I do this right. I have an album of covers (that is, an artist playing other artists songs) and in the track names there is a disambiguation of who the original artist is. For example, one track is called We Didn’t Start The Fire (Originally by Billy Joel).

Would I exclude the parentheses in this case or include them in track name? If I were to exclude them, could I add this information elsewhere?

Thank you!


Hello and welcome on MB, always great to see newcomers :wink:
Yes, you could ad this information in the disambiguation field. And you can also use the Relationship Types / Recording-Work / Performance that link this recording to the original work as cover, few examples are available in the documentation but we are here if you need helps.


Putting this information into the disambiguation field feels unnecessary when we have proper performance relationships (since the idea of disambiguation comments is just to help in differentiating identically or confusingly named recordings).

You can take a look at the Work page for We Didn’t Start the Fire for some other cover recordings of it and how they’re entered into the database, btw.


Totally agree, but managing with relationship isn’t easy to begin and also time consuming. If @RetroPunk doesn’t have the time, it remains a solution to get the information in the meantime.


Thank you both for the information, I think this is exactly what I’m looking for. Would you mind checking my addition and seeing if everything looks right?


Perfect, thank for the addition. As you own it, maybe you can also add AcoustID fingerprinter and if you don’t know about it there is also another project AcousticBrainz to submit even more information about these tracks.


Hey @Fabe56, I ran the AcousticBrainz submit program, just wondering where I can look to see if it got submitted? The program threw an error but after looking into it I believe the error can be ignored, but I would just like to be sure.

You can find the result at this address:
Basically you just need to add the MBID to, you’ll find it at recording level on MB:

Remember to submit on AcousticBrainz your file need to contain the MBID, best it’s to tag them with Picard.


Yes, I use to tag my music library through MusicBrainz, which adds the MBID metadata to the file. It looks like it did not get submitted then. When you say I need to add the MBID to AcousticBrainz, this is done automatically through the AcousticBrainz submit application, right?

Edit: For some reason this application does not want to run correctly on my system. I keep getting errors like this:
b'Process step: Read metadata\nProcess step: Compute md5 audio hash and codec\nProcess step: Replay gain\nProcess step: Compute audio features\n'

I will look into it more, just not sure what else I can do.

I think this release looks really good. The sentence from your edit notes about its availability would make a good release annotation, if you feel so inclined (click ‘Add Annotation’ from the Editing menu).


Done! Thanks for the suggestion.


Just wondering, but how is the release available specifically? Is there a download code on the ticket or does the ticket holder receive a link to download the song? And if the the release was made available during the tour, then maybe the exact release date can be pinpoint to the date of the tour.

You gave your email when purchasing a ticket online. I checked my email and I received mine on March 6th, 2017, however, I believe other people got theirs at other times (maybe to avoid purchasing then refunding? Not sure.)

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These don’t look like error messages.
Just some verbose status messages.

The line starts with [:( unk -11] in red text, I didn’t include that earlier. Either way the submissions aren’t going through.

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The AcousticBrainz submission GUI is quite outdated. If you’re using beets anyway, maybe consider using its AcousticBrainz submission plugin, absubmit?


Since it uses the same binary, I’m getting the same error codes, unfortunately.