How to change work that is clearly an error by a label

Release track 4,5,6 has a wrong Weinberg Opus number, it should be 94 not 95

As a consequence Weinberg catalogue is also wrong

See Wikipedia list of compositions

This is all casued by Chandos mistake here

The question is how to correct Weinberg Catalogue and the one Chandos recording without orphaning any data. I tried to add correct work in the recording relationships but could not delete the incorrect one. I did not save 2 works for a recording.

If I understand correctly you found duplicate works?
Then I would just merge and, etc. The opus number in the catalogue relationship will also need to be changed, it can be done after the merge.

I wouldn’t touch the recording title since it’s written this way.

Not exactly what I meant.

Chandos has created a recording with the wrong Opus number, it should be 94 not 95. They made a mistake in their pdf.

However added the work to Weinberg Catalogue has used Chandos specs and added 95 with the description for 94. Original 94 is fine.

So I can change the Catalogue, but would this orphan the Chandos Recording ? I tried first to remove the wong works from Chandos recordings and then correct the catalogue, but I can’t remove associated works from the recording, I can only add. I can add the proper work, which is Op. 94 but this will have 2 works associated with 1 recording. Did not try to save.

I’m adding a new release,, and don’t want to associate wrong Op. 95 work from Weinberg catalogue

You can remove a Work from a Recording. If you are in the relationship editor there is a small “x” next to any already linked Work which will delete the work-recording relationship.

I can’t, first thing I tried.
I can only add another work which I have not saved.

Strange. Does the ‘x’ not appear for you?
Note that it doesn’t remove the relationship immediately - it highlights it in red and only when you submit your edit does the relationship get submitted for delete. (I assume it’s done this way so there’s an “undo” if you click the delete by accident.) This is how it looks after I have clicked the delete ‘x’ but not yet submitted the edit:


That worked, thanks, I did not realise that the removal is only on save.
I was also able to add correct Op. 94 so its all good. I will correct the catalogue as well.


It makes sense to add an annotation to the affected release, explaining the error as a help to future editors. Of course they may check the editing history, but an annotation is more promitent.


Yes, will do that, I will also upload pdf booklet where the error is clearly seen.