How to change (add) only mood with


I’ve never used MusicBrains Picard before and I will appreciate a little help.
I have about 2000 albums, all tagged meticulously using MP3Tag.
I would like to only add Mood field to all the tracks using plugin but I don’t want any other tag to be changed

I did some experimenting and have a few problems:

  1. The existing tags get overwritten
  2. Sometimes the wrong number of files is detected (the database MusicBrains Picard uses recognizes the album has more songs than I have in my release)
  3. MP3Tag shows “MOOD” tag field and plugin creates “Mood” tag field that I cannot see in MP3Tag

Is there a simple solution?
Thank you

Maybe see the discussion on:


In short: You can unset some variables you don’t want to write or mark variables as not to be changed / overwritten. But in general Picard is designed to tag your files with data from and is not very well suited for updating only a single tag. And as I have written in the other tags I would advise you to keep the MusicBrainz IDs.

I think you should learn a bit on how to tag with Picard. Have a look at , this shows you how to do the usual Cluster + Lookup search, which often provides the best results. If Picard loaded the wrong edition of your album you can right click on the album and choose the correct one in “Other versions…”. Or you search manually in the database, see Loading releases from into Picard

And if all fails please add your data to MusicBrainz to improve it for everyone.

I am neither using nor MP3Tag, but su
ggests MP3Tag does not support the mood tag for all file formats. What format are you tagging? And in case of MP3 it is only supported for ID3 v2.4, so make sure to configure Picard accordingly in Options > Tags

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Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.
I have MP3s and FLACs
Still I don’t understand the difference between capital ‘MOOD’ and ‘Mood’ difference between MP3Tag and Picard.
Seems a lot of work to update the collection with Picard.

BTW, what do you mean by “Neither using nor MP3Tag”

Not sure how MP3Tag handles FLAC files, but if it just shows the tags as they are stored it should just display what Picard has written. If it uses some special tag mapping (see below) it maybe does not support it for FLAC files. For MP3 make sure to configure Picard to write ID3 v2.4 as described above.

This is just the different name for that tag used in MP3Tag and Picard. MP3Tag uses uppercase “MOOD”, Picard lowercase “mood” (not sure where you got the idea from Picard is writing “Mood”).

In general there is not the one “mood” tag. There is the general concept of a “mood” tag, but how this is written to the file depends on the tagging format used. E.g. for ID3 there is a tag called TMOO which is used for this, and in WMA it would be WM/Mood. In order to deal with this Picard has what we call an internal tag name, which is just lowercase “mood”, and that internal tag gets mapped onto the format specific tag.

MP3Tag has similar concept documented in . There you can see the MP3Tag internal name in the first column, and it is “MOOD”.

Just that I don’t use both tools, so I can give just general advice on Picard. Clarified my previous comment a bit :wink:

I put “album ,albumartist ,artist ,artists ,date ,discnumber ,encodedby ,genre ,grouping ,originaldate ,originalyear ,title ,totaldiscs ,totaltracks ,tracknumber ,comment: ,performer:” in the preserve these tags section in the options, but the track number and disc is written regardless.
Am I missing something?

Are you using a better tool that might be able to do the auto mood tagging?