How to (and should I) enter Glastonbury broadcasts

This weekend should be Glastonbury 2020… cancelled due to Covid; however the BBC are “broadcasting” a number of sets from previous years’ festivals via iPlayer and Radio. In most cases these are a single broadcast of the whole set.

Can these be entered into Musicbrainz? If so: should I create an album for each broadcast with a single track (with suitable links to works where known).


You can add them as releases with the primary release group type “Broadcast” and the secondary type “Live.”
Don’t forget to link to wherever they are available; if it’s only for a limited time, be sure to say so in the annotation.


Or even better, adding the start and end date in the relation :wink:


im being dense, how do you add an end time to a link?

(BBC web links are a bit of a sepecial xase perhaps as while when you look at a link the actual broadcast may not currectly be available, its often the case that a month ormeven year later it will be; afaik they never resueadresss so the linkmit still relevant)

You click the [info] hyperlink of the link to go to the URL entity page, then you click Edit.
Then in this URL entity editor page, you click the :pencil2: pencil icon to set Begin date, End date and/or Ended, in the popup.
Then Done, Enter edit.


Thanks for the info.

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