How to add year to album release-groups via web-search?

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Hey, I’m trying to retrieve official releases for a particular artists. Very similar to Album section on the main site (Marilyn Manson as an example)

Here we have 9 Album Release-Groups. I get these groups via this request, but there is not release dates.

I can find release date on a Release-Group resource via this query, but can’t filter out Compilations (other non-album Release-Groups) from there.

Can anybody help me either to include first-release-date to the first query or filter out everything except albums in secondary-type?

Sure I can take advantage of paging and merge these two requests, but is there any better queries, so that I can use a single query to get albums for a particular artist?



I couldn’t find a way either. The search server (a separate component, distinct from the rest of the web service) doesn’t seem to calculate/return the first-release-date, while the browse request doesn’t accept secondary release group type as an argument.

So as far as I can tell, you’d need to make the browse request and then on your end filter the results by secondary type.

Somebody just asked a similar question in #metabrainz, and pointed to the python-ngs docs which seem to agree:

Tip: Compilations are also of primary type “album”. You have to filter these out manually if you don’t want them.

Hope that helps, and if I’m wrong I hope somebody can chime in and correct me. :slight_smile: