How to add works for re-dubbed songs that kept the same lyrics?

This is about the two French Little Mermaid CDs I’ve added to the database:

These two CDs have a different dubbing, but the lyrics are pretty much the same and some of the cast was kept as well. I have already created two different works for some of the tracks but half way doing that I realised it might not 100% correct. What do you think would be best practice in this case?

I don’t know this stuff but if you say it’s the same song, sung by 2 different singers.
Then it’s the same MB work, but 2 different MB recordings of this same MB work.

Example, 1 song, several recordings:

This is correct.

But by the way, isn’t this the same song (reprise)?

If they are the same, please merge these 2 MB works.

Or if the reprise recordings are partial, you can merge works and make the reprise recordings as partial teens of the merged work.

They are two different songs. I always create a separate works for reprises but I don’t know what the standard practice is.

Usually the reprise tracks I know, are the same song.

But I don’t listen to Broadway musicals style like Disney and stuff.

if the lyrics are quite different, I’d say yes, seperate works (for both examples)

in my experience it’s quite common for musical-style media to have different lyrics for the reprise