How to add performers to a recording?

So I found this recording, and I want to add the performers that play on the recording.

This is the Musicbrainz page for the recording:

And this is a page that has the content (the musicians) I would like to add to the recording.

That should be simple no?

But, I have by now clicked on pretty much every link, icon, tab, pixel on the Musicbrainz page for the recording, but I can find nothing that leads me to a page where I can enter/edit the performers for that recording.

Very frustrating, what am I missing here?

First hit the EDIT tab

Now use the ADD RELATIONSHIPS on that page

Select ARTIST and now you can add the performers, and select their instruments.

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I clicked that too, but it opens a panel that only allows to specify some technical recording details:

Click on the box that says AREA and change to ARTIST



A strange user interface design though.
So the primary option (area/artist etc.) is located beneath the secondary option.

Same as the weird search behaviour I mentioned elsewhere, this I have also not run into before with other software.

It seems I will have to learn a completely new search / user interface language to become comfortable here.

Anyway, the responses and support on this forum seems top-notch, so thanks again, and I will not give up just yet…

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The interface is certainly unique, but it has to cover a LOT of areas at the same time. I think there was a plan to redesign it but I believe the programmer went totally insane and ran away to the desert never to be seen again.

After a while you’ll make sense of more of this. It is really very powerful under the bonnet. And the more you use it the more you get to make sense of it.

Ask questions, and we’ll try and help. Making mistakes is the best way to learn. There is some documentation at the top of the editing page, but sometimes that can just confuse things more. :crazy_face:

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So we have CrazySearch, CrazyUI, CrazyProgrammers.

I’ll see if I can become a better CrazyUser of CrazyBrainz then.


Have you see how much data there is here? And how many links? And all the little relationships? You have to be crazy to enter all of that in by hand. These is some extreme dedication from many editors over the years. This place can become an obsession. :smiley:

After a while you better understand the unusual interface. And then you start to add userscripts to make it even more powerful. Plenty of editors don’t like the GUI and have upgraded it to make editing faster and more efficient. Especially bulk changes. It is these userscripts that mean some of my little screen-snips may look slightly different to yours. But we don’t want to confuse you too much yet. :smiley:

With your initial question it may help to also see the Edit Release Relationships page. That way you have something to compare your edits to.

If you got to the Release page for that album you can see this at the top of the page

If you click on this Edit Relationships it puts up a combined page. This is the best page to have on hand if you are working from an actual CD booklet. On the right are the Works (or the written sheet music). This is where the writer credits go. On the left you see the Recordings as found on this CD. This is where your instruments go.

You picked a slightly tough example as it is a Various Artists compilation. So that page is a little scrappy. It is good to see what kind of information goes where.

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