How to add Performer manual in a right way?


Thank you for your kind words.

Yes, it makes fun to sort performers out. And for me it is always interesting, to hear, how different musicians work together.

But now I have the next problem. I use as DAM-Software IMatch. But it isn’t as good as MP3-Database. Is there a database to sort or find all files with one Musician?

For example I want all songs with Manu Katché as drummers in my files. Can I get this from a desktop APP (Windows 10)?


So now we need to find out what Foobar2000 is expecting…


:smile: :blush: ID3 Tags are a mess. How can Picards transform this information:

electric fretless guitar:David Fiuczynski;drums (drum set):Dennis Chambers;bass:Jeff Berlin;keyboard:T Lavitz;electric guitar:David Fiuczynski

to something like: image

But this has time. First step is to save the metadata. :relieved:


You are looking at the cosmetic formatting that an application does. This is why it looks different in MP3TAG, Picard, TagScanner and Foobar2000. The spec says do it in a certain way, and then the applications find certain cases are not covered so make up their own solutions. These made up solutions then don’t always work in other tagging software.

While this discussion has been going on, I also found out about the “Standardize Performers” plugin. That changes the way the MP3 tags work for Performers in Picard. Maybe that is a good plugin for you to select? Maybe that will let it work better in Foobar2000? Worth a quick test now before you go deep into tagging everything.

Or maybe Foobar2000 is expecting id3v2.3 tags?


MusicBee can do this by using either search, filters or playlists:

And it works nicely together with Picard and the Standardize Performers plugin:


Wow. Both looks amazing (btw - cool CD). Is there an link or explanation, how to do that?


It would probably be best to check out MusicBee’s forum and MusicBee’s wiki, and do a lot of reading…

MusicBee’s forum is quite friendly and helpful, so it should not be too difficult to achieve something like this.