How to add or edit instruments?

Hi. Sometimes there are instruments used in a work or a recording that I cannot find. For example, typical Spanish traditional instruments like “bandurria” or “dulzaina”, so I’ve got to use another similar instrument. I suppose there is some way to add or edit instruments, but I haven’t found it. Can somebody help me, please?


short answer: see the instrument tree doc.

Slightly longer answer: if you need help writing your first Jira ticket, hmm, I see that there’s not a HowTo for that. I’ll put that on my to-do list.

p.s. yay for funky [trad] instruments!


I want to שdd some instrument like manzello, strich and siren and i can’t find the option to do it…
Can you please help in this issue?

Yeah, please read the answer of CallerNo6 above and the links given there :wink:


I’ve got your point :wink:

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