How to Add New Single/Album of a Artist in MusicBrainz

there are some Indian Artist whose new Albums/Singles are officially out 2-3 months before. i got all the info like Artist Name , The Company who is from , Song Name With Itunes Link + Youtube Links i tried to add but it din’t worked for me through scanning in kodi tried to merge in the existing one but nope dint worked.

There are only 2 songs i wanted to add someone help me.

Artist Name : Guru Randhawa , you will get it on top serach with ( Punjabi Singer) in caption.

The 2 new songs are singles named as :
1.) Made In India - 4:03 - 2018-06-06 release , itunes link you can get it by just typing it and same for youtube.
2.) Ishare Tere - 3:20 - 2018-07-25 release , itunes and youtube same can be found easily.

if someone can tell me how do i add them Please :smiley: so i can help people out there for the songs :slight_smile: i really want to add and i am gonna add more and more :smiley:


Well, the first step would be to make an account if you haven’t already.
Next, I suggest reading through our beginners’ guide and our how-to guides.
Finally, you can add any releases you have that aren’t in our database yet. :slight_smile:


(If you’re able to access the forums, you already have a MusicBrainz account. That’s the only way to log in here. :slight_smile: )


how can i know a release id of a single recorded song here ? there is an Artist “Kim Bo Kyung” she as Suddenly named song in her Recordings which i din’t found in it asks for release id where do i find it so i can add that one please reply me ASAp PLEASE :smiley:

Is this the Artist you are looking for?

And the song?

As I understand MB conventions the Recording ID is the last part of the URL. So


And that Recording appears on 2 Releases.
The MusicMBrainz Release ID of one of those Releases is the last part of its URL, so


You can get Artists and Releases etc to appear in forum posts by pasting in the URL of their MB page.

the real deal is that when i enter these url to the Missing releases in theaudiodb it just don’t recognise it and says this —

!ERROR: The URL Does not contain “release-group” . MusicBrainz API may be slow, try a page refresh?

i have added a single recording in Artist named as Ahzee - Go Gyal the edit is done but i can’t add it in theaudiodb as it asks for release id i enter the release id and it gives error the same as above i showed in above comment.

In your program and same in this forum, please always paste full URL, not only an MBID.
Otherwise we don’t know if you speak about a recording, a release group, etc.

@mmirG found it’s a recording.
Your soft is asking for an ID but it seems it wants the URL, not just the ID.
There are two release groups containing this recording, so try both and as your soft wants a release group, apparently. :slight_smile:

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bro how did u get into the release group url ? please tell me ?? when i get into any Artist song it songs release directly not the release group please help :smiley: ?

the link you gave me i placed it in audiodb it got scraped but now how can i scrap it for my kodi because Various Artist - Suddenly does’nt seem to work for me :S

  1. I clicked that recording link
  2. I saw there two releases, I clicked them
  3. From each release, I got the release group link by right‐click > copy on see all versions of this release



Kodi wants the MusicBrainz identifiers to be in the files, so you need a tagger (e.g., Picard) to set the relevant tags in your files.

A quick search showed me a thread on Kodi’s forums about “Fixing album metadata with MusicBrainz Picard”.


Careful - you have pulled out a four year old thread there for KODI.

@dheerajpareek10 which version of KODI are you running? There is about to be a huge upgrade of the music library in KODI version 18 that pushes even deeper into making use of MusicBrainz IDs. So answers for v17.6 will be slightly different to v18 beta 1

As @Freso notes - the main key for KODI is to get that MusicBrainz ID into the files using Picard.

Be specific with your questions, and I’ll aim to answer them. There are numerous “gotchas” to getting things updated in KODI.

Edit: A good area of the KODI forum to get music answers is here:

Note that DaveBlake is the guy here. He is transforming how KODI handles music. And all his fixes revolve around the MusicBrainz IDs being inserted correctly by Picard.

At the top of that forum you will see this:

Well worth a read that after reading the link @freso supplied.

Especially as the start of page two explains how to get Various Artists to work cleanly.

I am here at MB because of KODI. So feel free to ask specific questions and I’ll try and help.


thnx all for responding :smiley: and dude i am using V17.6 Kodi Krypton and one more thing i want to know that how can you scrap the recordings of a person because theaudiodb always asks u about a album add not a recording addition i want to scrap a single song which is not a album its a single by a Singer but i failed to do it.

You can scrape a single track. The question is - where did the track come from?

If this is from a single, then that is easy. Just find it with Picard and tag it fully.

Or if this is just one track from an album, then tag it as part of that album. This will give it the relevant artist and album IDs to work with the lookups.

Maybe you want to supply an example of what the single is?

I will warn you though, as you are running 17.6 then everything is about to change. So expect much better scraping in v18 as it makes much better use of the MB IDs.

i do have MusicBrainz Picard but the thing is that it doesn’t take many Korean names for example there is a song which i have named as “Suddenly” its by Kim Bo Kyung , i searched it and i find it in recordings but i could not add it in audiodb as its a recording not a album and audiodb don’t give another option so can you help me ??

yes i tried picard but it also fails in some condition so i tried theaudiodb but yep i liked picard too its working good but still there are singers who’s names aren’t in english so that creates problem if they are not being found then i have to jump to theaudiodb

I am having a little problem with following what you are saying. This is why I was asking for an example.

I think you are saying you are confused as to how to add a single to TheAudioDB. From a quick look it seems they are entered as “albums” but the “Release Type” is set to Single.