How to add a music genre to an existing artist

Hi there.
I am the artist Happy Sound and I found out there is no music genre under the artist page.

I cannot find a way on the UI to set a genre.

It’s an important topic since music the genre displayed on Spotify, and so on is not correct.

Can someone tell me how to set a genre (or how the genre is determined if not manually set) for an artist ?

Thanks a lot

  1. In the right-hand sidebar, locate the text field after Genres and Other tags.
  2. Type your genre, there, and press enter.

Voilà ! :wink:


Thanks Jesus,

Do you know what is the source of truth for artist genre ? I mean, where all the internet platforms and website are picking up the genre for an artist ? Is it from music brainz?


Genre is highly personal and subjective.
I don’t think MusicBrainz is the source.



When you add a release to Spotify you can pick from a list of genres, but just one, and it’s very basic (rock, comedy, rap, etc). Maybe it gives their algorithm a basic starting point.

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