How should this part of a release be entered?

Looking at entering a release and ran into a question. On a release like this (entered by someone else) Release “Harp by the Sea” by Margaret Sanzo - MusicBrainz you have the label Sunshine Mountain Productions, but you also have the text “Majestic Moods”. I’m not quite sure how you would categorize Majestic Moods? It exists here Majestic Moods - MusicBrainz as an artist, is not mentioned in some releases (like my example), and on this release it’s in the title Release “Majestic Moods Guitar By The Sea” by John Foley - MusicBrainz. I’ve also seen something similar with other more generic themed music CDs

I also asked this question in IRC chat and derwin pointed me to Series which seems to be the correct answer

yes, quite likely a Series. it’s the newest entity type, and a lot of series were entered as labels and I guess also artists

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Series definitely works as a means of tying these albums together.

But I am not sure I agree with the existing release artist. She is credited only as the performer. This feels like a work for hire type situation rather than it being her album/release. I might have gone for Majestic Moods as the release artist, with the harpist credited via performance AR on each track.

For me Majestic Moods should also be a label along with “Sunshine Mountain Productions”. “Sunshine Mountain” is not credited at all as a label. Both logos are equally representated on the cover back next to another.