How is the search score calculated?

I just searched for the Artist “PiL” and Public Image Limited came in at number twelve on the result list, with a score of 34. The only artist with a 100 score is a Danish artist with only one release.
Searching for the Work “Memories” the only result yielding a 100 score is a song titled “Nostalgias”. How is this search score calculated?

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I’ll raise you.
And search Releases for “Jérusalem”.
The release, by Jordi Savall, is so called at Allmusic whereas here it is called Jérusalem, La Ville des deux Paix : La Paix céleste et la Paix terrestre and a search in Releases for “Jérusalem” finds it on page 8. Diacritics seem to count for very little and definitely less than having a Release Artist with “Jerusalem” in their name.

Search score has currently several issues. But the current top priority about search is to fully deploy the replacement SOLR search server which has been designed last year.

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Is there any way of following that progress? No point in reporting search issues if a new search server is right around the corner :slight_smile:
If it was designed last year does that mean that it will be v6.0 on release or are you planning to roll out Solr 7.0? Just curious.

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It is based on 6.6.2