How handle release with additional "Featured" group of musicians

Entering data for a CD release (, in addition to the Mavericks band members they have additional musicians nicknamed and credited on the liner notes as
Featuring The Fantastic Five
Michael Guerra: Accordion and Percussion
Max Abrams: Saxophones

Ed Friedland: Upright…
They play with the Mavericks at some shows and on a few CD but they are not a separate band/group and not really part of the “Mavericks”. I started to just list the musicians on the release (as guest) with their instruments, any suggestions for a way to have them grouped as “The Fantastic Five” on the release?

It depends a little bit on what the liner notes look like, but I would be inclined to do “Featuring The Fantastic Five” as a track credit (if you know which tracks they’re on, specifically), and the individuals as performer relationships. If you don’t know who is on which track, specifically, you can add then as release-level credits.

The CD liner has the Mavericks band members list then:

Featuring The Fantastic Five
Michael Guerra: Accordion and Percussion
Max Abrams: Saxophone
Julio Diaz: Trumpet and Percussion
Lorenzo Molina Ruiz: Trumpet and Percussion
Ed Friedland: Upright and Electric Bass

Then “Special Guests” (3 of them and they list the tracks they are on)
For the fantastic five they don’t list the tracks, just all over the release. If I used the “featured” option to put them on the list with the Mavericks either on a track or on the release I would need to create an Artist to be able to select “The Fantastic Five” and then I would not be able to indicate the individual members and their instruments. Seems like it would be nice if I could even just add a free form note to the release about the fantastic five five with the member names in addition to listing each member with instruments for proper linking/credit.

You can do that in the annotation, which is a great idea.

It sounds like you should put the performer credits for the five in the release relationships. The special guests you can make relationships for each recording. (This is all in Edit Relationships tab.)

It doesn’t look like they’re on the front cover so you don’t want to put Fantastic Five in the release AC, but you could argue for track-level credits of “featuring The Fantastic Five”, especially if that’s on the back of the case or booklet and not just buried inside. In any case, you can also create a Fantastic Five artist and link the individual members.