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Hello there, first time posting. I’ve found what I think is a bit of incorrect information in an xml metadata file, which causes an error when I import into kodi. The problem is in the album Paramore by the band Paramore. The metadata file points to an artist MBID of “728ea90d-279b-4201-a8c4-597830883150” which is the wrong Paramore. It should be “44cf61b8-5197-448a-b82b-cef6ee89fac5”. I was going to try and correct this through the edit pages but couldn’t work out a way to edit the metadata xml file (if that is indeed where the correction needs to be made).
Hope someone can either correct it or point me in the right direction to correct it.

Please paste full links.
I don’t see any Paramore release group in

The metadata file I’m referring to is here:

The album I’m going from is here:

All the direct reference to the band seem to be correct, except within the metadata file where the MBID is wrong. Hope that makes it clearer/

One of the releases in “Paramore” release group had the wrong artist. I fixed it.

Thank you for fixing it.

For future reference, is a broad overview of how to edit and lists a number of “how tos” for how to use specific parts of the site. Even though they’re most given in the form of “how to add”, reading the how to over should also give an idea of how to edit a given entity.


FWIW I had spent an inordinate amount of time ploughing through those guides and as a last resort posted in the forum. I was just trying to help in case others have the same problem, but don’t think I’ll bother in future.

Indeed you had to edit some page so that a change occurs in that xml. Because that xml is not the source, it is just reflecting the data edited in or pages.
@stupidname has found and fixed the mistake in the release group page.
Maybe next time with full links, the mistake can be found easier. :smiling_face:
Or if you stick around a bit, you will find words yourself. But it requires some MB experience to understand it. :blush:

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Even if you read all guides and documentations, a new editor will still have problems with stuff like in this case where only one thing has a different artist (with same artist name) and you can’t figure out what it is and where. I remember that I had similar problems when I was a new editor and after reading the whole documentation and all the guides I could find I still couldn’t figure out how to change some things. I think in my case it was either a release group or a recording artist. I’m not sure how much the documentation changed since then. Once you’re used to where things are and how they work, such issues will seem trivial to you.


I was going to say that that’s another good reason to use disambiguations – making it easier to notice that the artist is different without having to know to look at the MBID – but both artists do already seem to have one. The issue is more that the “Release by” line and track artists don’t display the disambiguation to help people with that, without mousing over each of them. Can anyone (including you, @WelshPaul) think of a good way to make that feature more obvious, or do we think it’s good enough as it is? In other places, I’m used to a dotted underline indicating hovertext; do y’all think adding that might work if the tooltip is different from the linked text?


The issue is more that the “Release by” line and track artists don’t display the disambiguation to help people with that, without mousing over each of them.

Yeah, “Release group by” also doesn’t display the disambiguation without mousing over the artist.