How do you add acoustids to standalone recordings?

I need to add the acoustid to this recording:

It actually exists here but it was linked to the wrong track.

When I scan the file in Picard and put it with the recording, the Submit AcoustIDs button stays disabled.

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I usually use the AcoustID Fingerprinter from It’s quite old, but still seems to do the job. I find it much easier than trying to submit them through Picard.

EDIT: I should have mentioned that I do this after I tag the files with Picard.


AFAIK you have to scan files first and then (re-)attach them to correct release/recording.

And if you can, please also run the AcousticBrainz extractor.

To submit audio to AcousticBrainz, files must be tagged with MusicBrainz Identifiers. If they are not tagged, we recommend Picard.

Beware it’s quite heavy on CPU usage.


Yes, that’s exactly what I did.

I didn’t know those programs existed, thanks. I’ll give them a shot.


I agree, but be sure that you have properly tagged the files first. Also, don’t get confused between the AcousticBrainz Extractor and the AcoustID Fingerprinter. They collect and submit different information to different places, although the UI is identical for both.


How can you find out if AcousticBrainz already has the data on a track? This is the first I’ve heard about it, would be happy to contribute more.

This is a bug in the current release version, see the ticket below. It has already been fixed quite some time ago, but no new release yet. Btw, sorry for my current silence. I try to read the forums, but hardly find the time to respond currently :frowning:


If you go to the details tab for the associated recording, it is listed as “AcousticBrainz entry:”. See Recording “Be (One in a Million)” by JEEN. - Details - MusicBrainz for example.

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No apology needed. I’m usually too busy to be this active, myself. And classes start again tomorrow.