How do I tag Track Titles that are excepts/snippets/edits/stings of other tracks


Most releases on the Lo Editions’ label (i.e. have several tracks are 30 second excerpts of other tracks on the same release.

In other words, tracks 1-20 on that compilation are the full songs; and tracks 21-40 are 30 second excerpts of tracks 1-20.

As I understand, this is not uncommon for releases that are labelled as library music or production music or stock music.

How do I tag Track Titles that are excepts/snippets/edits of other tracks?

I’ve found a couple other examples on Musicbrainz -
but I am unsure if the above examples are appropriate examples to follow.

Would you suggest to follow the above example, which would be: Should the track title be: “Name of the Song (30 second edit)” (without quotation marks).

What if it is a ‘sting’? (I’d add the wikipedia link to it, but I am limited by the amount of links that I can put in one post).

Thanks for your assistance.

I do not know what is a sting.
For track names, just follow the printed tracklist. All non printed stuff can go in recording comment or in release annotation, for example.
30 second edits can be linked to normal recordings with the is an edit of relationship.

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Thanks, I would have added more links to explain it, but I was limited by musicbrainz to include up to 2 links in a post…
a sting is described

An example of this on musicbrainz is at

I’m not very familiar with production music in general, but I think in a lot of cases those have been added with exactly the same title (just a different duration).

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That’s how I have usually seen it. It is extremely useful to add a disambiguation comment in these cases.

What I often wonder is if in case of an excerpt edit the “partial” recording-work relationship applies.

Oh yes IMO.
Recording-recording edit of and recording-work partial recording of. :slight_smile: