How do I merge this?


This artist had two entries, one full name and one shortened name. And many of their releases were also listed under both.
I went and changed all of the AR to the proper name and merged what needed to be merged.

This seems to be the lone hold out. They are under the same release group. But they are the same release, therefore do not need to be listed separately under that group.
When I try to merge I get - a box asking for a merge strategy, and no matter what I pick, it doesn’t let the edit go through.

I had ran into this once before with another duplicated artist, and I ended up with what looked like a double disc (medium 1 and medium 2). Now that I am seeing it again, I thought I should ask for help.


The two discs don’t have the same number of tracks. For some reason, tracks 3 and 8 are missing from one of the releases. You’ll have to fix the faulty release first, and then you should be able to make the merge.


I did try to add them, but during all of the merging, it became a failed dependency and didn’t go through.

I will do that now, and then come back in 7 days after they complete.


You can probably just post the edits here and someone will approve them (maybe me, if nobody does it before I wake up tomorrow!)


tracks added


And approved! :slight_smile: You should be able to merge now.


Ok. That worked.

But if all it took was the same track list, I wonder why I couldn’t get it to work the first time I came across a “merge strategy”.
That entry has been fixed long ago, so I can’t even go and look at now with my newly found information. But the next time I come across it, I will know what to look for.