How do I merge stray (disc 3) into a full Release?

I have just finished entering a 3-CD Release, Matthäus-Passion, which I call release/b3d7a…. In its Release Group is another, older, 1-CD Release, Matthäus-Passion BWV 244… (disc 3), which I call release/f6b74….

Disc 3 of release/b3d7a… has identical DiscID to the 1-CD release/f6b74…. Both have same label and catalogue number. The real Release does have 3 CDs, not 1 CD named “disc 3”. So, I want to do a merge, I think the merging release/f6b74… is old and incorrect, and the target release/b3d7a… is complete and better-quality.

I tried doing a merge in the obvious way, and it didn’t work. From the Release Group page, I selected release/b3d7a…. and release/f6b74…, and attempted a merge. Merge strategy “Append mediums to target release” doesn’t apply; I want to end up with 3 Mediums, not 4. Merge strategy “Merge mediums and recordings” looks plausible, but when I tried it, I got a message, “This merge strategy is not applicable to the releases you have selected.”.

Why didn’t I enter just the first two Mediums of release/b3d7a…, then merge by appending mediums of release/f6b74…? Because I didn’t actually enter release/b3d7a…, I added it, based on an existing earlier Release of the same CDs in the Release Group, Matthäus-Passion BWV 244.

What should I do about the stray (disc 3) of release/f6b74…?
Thanks in advance for the help. —Jim

The single-medium release has its only medium in position 1, so a merge will try to merge it with medium 1 of the three-medium release. You need to move it to position 3 first.

Note that the single medium is marked as a DualDisc (which may simply be wrong, of course).


Yes, I’m guessing that is likely wrong. Disc 3 of release/b3d7a… is an Enhanced CD, as described on its packaging, and from observation of its behaviour. It is a two-session CD which mounts on a computer as a CD volume and a data volume. I’m thinking the original contributor interpreted this behaviour as “DualDisc” (CD side and DVD side). A reasonable guess, but not correct.

How do I move the single Medium of a 1-Medium Release to the third position? Add two empty mediums to the 1-Medium release first?

You can just click the down arrow on the medium twice :slight_smile:

Wow! I had no idea that those arrows could change the Medium number of a single-Medium Release. I interpreted them as changing ordering of multiple Mediums.

Using the down-arrow on the merging Release’s Medium successfully incremented the Medium index to 3. Then, merging release/f6b74… into release/b3d7a, using Merge strategy “Merge mediums and recordings”, worked without incident.

Edit #40420322 - Merge releases is open for voting, if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help.