How do I make Picard match the tracks in the order that I drag and drop them in rather than trying (and failing) to match it on its own?

I have a 10-CD set. Some songs in CD X have a similar name to CD Y, etc. I drag and drop the contents of CD 1, but Picard will match some of the tracks to another CD, or won’t match at all. What’s the best way to simply drag and drop files and have it match without having to go in and fix Picard’s mistakes? i.e. I drop all of CD 1 (labeled as Disc 1, with correct track numbers, names, and lengths), and Picard correctly lines it up with the Disc 1 contents. Is there a setting somewhere where I can tell Picard to focus on the disc number when matching tracks? This is driving me nuts. The AcoustIDs aren’t on MB so I can’t use that.


Just drop it on the first track, not the album. Then Picard will by default match them to the tracks in order (just make sure you have selected them in the correct order).

For the rare case when you actually want to match all selected files to a single track hold the Alt key when dropping the files.


That seems to work, thanks. I could’ve sworn that I tried that before, but it just put all the files under one track instead of distributing them correctly. Maybe because it wasn’t the first track.

Just to illustrate how important the drop target and sorted source files can be:

1.) Just drag & drop a bunch of unsorted files to the target album title
2.) Drag & drop a bunch of unsorted files to the #1 track of the target album
3.) Sort the source files by track number first and then drag & drop them to the #1 track of the target album