How do I get first three letters of file name in rename pattern?

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Totally new to this, basically I just want
%first three letters of file name%. %album artist% - %track name%
How do I do this?

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If I get it right you want the new file name to start with the first three characters of the original file name. To do this try:

$left(%_filename%,3) %albumartist% - %title%

I am just curious: What information do the first characters of your files contain? Maybe it’s something Picard can also automatically provide. Then the script would also work for files that don’t follow your current naming pattern.


@JumperCzech Just think about all the artists or groups starting with “The” in the name.

I was downloading my youtube playlist, because that’s how I kept track of my music until now. The first three characters are the track number in the youtube playlist.

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Ok, in that case it’s nothing Picard can give you automatically :slight_smile: But the script above should do the trick.