How do i clean up my recordings

I have a few 10 cd albums by various artists, and would like to add each cd to a main album, it is not online and have to write them in manually.

I have already done a few but trying to fathom out how to do this

My Albulms are

Country Sunrise
Country Sunset
Rock ‘n’ Roll Diner
Rock ‘n’ Roll Jukebox

each are 10 cds and are from the same year 2006

these where bought of Bid Up Tv Channel in the UK.

Are these covers? Or originals?

You can always just add them a disc at a time. Add a release with one Medium. Then next day come back and add more mediums to the same Release. (Add Medium button on the Tracklist page)

I would not try and add one 10 CD release in a single sitting. :smiley:

You can use Picard to load up the DiscIDs and attach them to a release, that then gives you all the corrected track times.

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if you’ve already got the basic metadata in your library, it could be fairly easy.

before you start, make sure the disc number field is set correctly and all discs in the box have the same album title

you’ll start by pulling the files into Picard. I’d recommend one box at a time for simplicity, but it’s not necessary. Picard will likely cluster the boxes for you if you followed the steps above. if not, you’ll select the Unmatched files header and hit Cluster

from here, you’ll right-click on the cluster (after making sure all tracks are present, they may or may not be in the right order at this step), and hit “Submit cluster as release”. that will auto-fill the release information (although I’ve found occasionally it’ll mix up the tracks, and I have no idea why)

from here you can enter any missing details, such as labels, catalog numbers, and try and match up the artists who appear on the compilation (probably the most difficult part of the process)

I do not want the software to do it as I am manually adding each disc as one then trying to make them all one album @UltimateRiff.

If you edit a release on MusicVrainz you can add additional mediums on the Tracklist tab.

Bottom of Tracklist page. Add Medium lets you add one CD at a time to the same Release (album)…

After you’ve added each CD, just go to Finish to make sure it is saved.

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