How do I automatically download artwork of type other than 'Front'

How do I automatically download artwork other than of type ‘Front’

Many albums have a good selection of artwork beyond type ‘Front’ such as Back, and Booklet etc
I have Picard working for automatically download and saving the Front, but how to do the rest?


In the options, find the < Select Types > button

Hit Include All and get the image types over to the left hand side.

Be ready for some albums to take AGES to download huge booklets in large 20MB PNG files. Watch for the progress as the colour changes on the Picard Icon in the toolbar, and filenames flick through at the bottom left of the status bar. Well worth the wait though. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ivan.

How do I not download all of it everytime? - unselect ‘Overwrite the file if it already exists’ ?

Change the selections in that list. Hit Exclude All to throw them all to the right, then select the ones you require.

If you are just wanting to update tags and not images, temporarily turn of the Cover Art Archive from the providers. This is the trick I do if I previously downloaded all the artwork and today I just need a quick tag update