How do I add cover song info to my files?

Warning, Noob user question :smile:
I recently began the process of updating and organizing my music collection and came across an issue, which bugs me a lot.
Let say i have a release, where a cover song is present. Using Picard i find the correct release and alot of the info from the MB site is added to the meta, even the hidden variable _performance_attributes that show that the track is a cover.

That’s all fine but I wish to know who made the original song, the artist and date/year and have that in tags.
I can find the info on the website but how to I get Picard to add it to my file?
Is it something a script can do or would I need something more complex?

Thank you in advance

I’m fairly sure you would need something more complex. AFAIK, that info isn’t brought in by Picard, so you would need to make more calls to the database somehow.

I was afraid that might be the case, but was hoping it wasn’t necessary or maybe someone somewhere already had it figured out.
So I’m guessing I should venture into the unknown of making a plugin or something similar. :thinking: Which would be a pretty big project, since I know next to nothing about programming

The big problem I see is that you’d have to step “down” the chain to the work, then back up to the recordings, and somehow try to figure out which of the recordings is the “original”.

I got the plugin called First Recorded, in which the details says "Fetch the date of the first known recording. e.g.: $set(date,$if2(%firstrecorded%,%originaldate%,%date%)) "
Would it be possible to mod it to get precisely that type of information?