How do I add a remix?

Upon tagging my songs I found out this one is not included in the MusicBrainz database

How do I go about adding this to the database. I think there’s just too much documentation too read and sincerely I’d rather have someone point me how do I add this specific song rather than read all that documentation for that.

By the way, seems like the remixer (Robson Beckett => has never officially released this remix officially.

We have a CD release that looks very similar…

I imagine that the site you linked is exactly the same thing, just without being split like it is on the CD?

If that is the case, probably you can add this as a new digital media release in the same RG, with just the one track. The new combined recording can be linked to the split-out ones from the CD by using the “compilation” relationship.

Alternately you could perhaps just add this as a standalone recording (linked in the same way).


Oh, my bad, I had not looked into the track’s duration. It’s a DJ set and I was thinking it was a single track.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll do as you said.

Just another question, when trying to register this, I paste the deezer link under “External Links”, it automatically selects the link type “stream for free”, but after I click “Finish” I’ll get a complaint on that URL, saying that:
‘This URL is not allowed for the selected link type, or is incorrectly formatted.’

What is it supposed to mean. There’s nothing wrong with the URL format either.

Looks like you can only add the “track” deezer links at the recording level. I went ahead and did it.

Don’t add tracks as releases. Your link is to a track. That link goes to the recordings. Click on the “featured in” image and the actual release comes up. It’s

I use a-tisket for Deezer releases. Running it we see get this:

It doesn’t appear to be on MB yet, so I’ll go ahead and add the release since it doesn’t take long. And yes, I now see that your link has been added the recording, which was the correct thing to do.