How can I prevent the embedding of cover images into FLAC files?

Hello, I prefer not to embed the cover into the FLAC files. I have a cover.jpg file in the folder of the album then all the software I use pick that file up and display the cover. How can I prevent Picard of embedding the cover photo into each FLAC file?

If I uncheck these option like in the image below will be enough?

Thank you!

If you want art as separate files, you need to tick “save cover images as separate files” and then you’ll get what you are asking for - a separate cover.jpg and no embedding.

I do not want any cover to be fetched or saved by Picard. I get the cover myself manually from the fanart website.

In that case, your image is correct. No ticks is no downloaded artwork.

Unticking the providers in the list would also do similar.


In that case unchecking those artwork options should be enough.

Make sure to test new settings on a copy of your files after making changes :+1:

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If “the fanart website” is then Picard has a plugin that can pull art from there if you have an API key. No idea how good it is - may be worth a look at.

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