How can I block a particular editor


How can I block a particular editor? This person is very rude and I don’t want to hear from this person again. I have also already complained about his behavior

thank you

You can do it in this forum, in the Preferences > Users: Ignored/Muted page, but not on MusicBrainz site itself.


ahh well I will ignore him then. Thank you jees

and you can’t even reject the emails (if you get email notifications) because they all get sent from the same address even though the incoming name is different.

You could make some email rules, depending on your email client.

But if you think something is wrong, you should report the user and there will be some kind help by the mediator.


There is also this ticket:

Filtering MB mails on client side has the disadvantage(?) that the sender won’t necessarily know about this.
Server side filtering would allow to notify the sender.

If it’s just edit notes an account admin can disable their writing rights


Definitely report them. In my experience, the MB staff has been exceedingly fair with dealing with rude or abusive editors. Sometimes just a good talking-to is sufficient to clear something up.


Thank you all. I die report. I Will Just ignore him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: