How can I add a new artist without online links

I have 10 artists (that do not exist on MusicBrainz) I have seen in concerts as opening acts 1982 -2003 that I can find no info online. I have exact dates of each show, venue, and acts they opened for, but no online links. Thanks

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Just add them without the links. Explain your source in your edit note, and maybe put an annotation as well. If you need a relationship so it doesn’t get deleted, you can create an event for the performance you saw them at (if it doesn’t already exist).


ok thanks, I will try but I have little info on them other than I saw them as opening acts

As @psychoadept mentioned, the artist must have at least one related item (e.g.: relationship, release, etc.) or the artist’s record will be automatically deleted after a few days.


yep I added the 1st one Alexandria (Lubbock) dad4cb95-dbbe-4b6d-bbb9-b98f176d4246
with no info cus I have none, listed what I know in edit note, and says it will be deleted, this artist I have the least info for, but I don’t have much more for the others just a setlist entry for the headliners. this is my prob no info online for relationship, release. etc, how can I add them

Your own records are a

good enough source.
Create an Event and link the new Artist to it.
This is enough to have the Artist preserved.


You can get the necessary relationships by adding an event for each concert, and then linking the performers. is another place to document concerts, and it’s possible to link to Setlist pages from artists and events. I’ve never edited on Setlist, but maybe they let you upload photos of any flyers, programmes, and ticket stubs you have. If so, you can link to them from your MusicBrainz edit notes.

The more detail you can provide, the better. For Alexandria, you might write something like: “1990s country singer-songwriter from Lubbock, Texas”. The more generic or common the name, the more detail is appreciated.


I selected add event to Alexandria (Lubbock) ,
name = Alexandria at Rocky’s in Lubbock, Texas
type = concert
begin date = 1982 06 20
click enter edit get msg = You must select a relationship type and target entity for every relationship.
no type: Alexandria (Lubbock)
go back and check no event added what am I doing wrong

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this concert Alexandria was headliner, I missed the opening act, I literally have no additional info about artist, I use setlist and want to add the event but I must first have the artist set up on musicbrainz, and im stuck on the add event feature

You need to edit (the pencil icon)
no type: Alexandria (Lubbock)
to have Alexandria’s role at the Event made explicit.

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ok thank you looks like it wont get deleted now
the other 9 artists adds should be easier, plus I can link the headlining artists instead?
my other 9 already have a entry for the headliner, but I have tried to use the specific setlist date link and musicbrainz doesn’t accept it, which is confusing to me, u can add an entire setlist artist link but not a show date
thanks everyone

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Have you tried adding the setlist date link at the Event’s page
to External Links

not specifically on the event page, but on the main edit page when trying to add new artist
this is my 2nd time to add anything off the main page
and this one turned out easier, I tried a multi relationship b4 with a Supergroup and made a big mess and just gave up , after mutli changes all done wrong by me I guess, it was deleted by musicbrainz

This cataloging is much more complex than I thought it would be.

Initially I thought MB was unnecessarily complex.
Now I think most of the complexity comes from trying to fit real life into a database well.

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oh I forgot I have added many alias to artists but I never add a link just the alias name

thanks again for the help

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I was able to use setlist links on the events page
that makes everything much easier


It looks like you’ve done a great job adding the events!

If you find the time and can add the main acts/other opening acts and stuff like venue as relationships as well that would be awesome, but up to you :ok_hand: