Holiday secondary type

i’m not sure who to ask about this, so i’ll post it here! i was wondering if it would ever be possible to add a “holiday” secondary type? for example, taylor swift really only has one ep, beautiful eyes, but technically she released a christmas ep before that. i don’t think the christmas ep should be considered her debut, and no one really calls it that. beautiful eyes should be in the ep section on her page, with the holiday collection under “ep + holiday”

You can make a ticket for it on our JIRA tracker:

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This is very confusing to me - why wouldn’t Christmas albums (I assume that’s what “Holiday” means?) count as albums, or EPs as EPs?


they still count as albums, yes! but i think there should be a secondary type considering that many artists wouldn’t consider a christmas album one of their primary studio albums

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To me this feels more like a genre/theme/style descriptor in the form of a release group type, and as such I think just using relevant tag/genre for this (e.g., “christmas music”) on the release group would be fine.

I also know that other places are not MusicBrainz/MusicBrainz is not other places, but I am unaware of a “holiday release/album type” equivalent on Discogs, RateYourMusic, Allmusic, or other such music catalogues/databases. They all seem to deal with this using some kind of genre classification system, too.

And many probably would. As a counter-point, let’s look at Birthe Kjær: her first English language album was Let It Snow, a Christmas album. This was promoted as her first English language album both before and after (and also noted prominently in the liner notes, IIRC), and only secondarily that it’s a Christmas album. She has a number of Christmas releases prior to this in Danish (search/look for “jul”) which are listed in pretty much all discographies without disambiguating them from other releases, e.g.:


I agree, tags are just fine.

Regarding Discogs: the countless forum threads asking to add Christmas|Holyday|Seasonal genre or style have been always firmly turned down as these are not genres or styles, just themes.

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