Hit and run

As pleasant as this community is, sometimes I lament a certain lack of dedication when seeing some submissions. I know that submitters are often motivated to submit because they want to tag their files, me included. However, I would ask those who want to help not to just import skeleton releases, especially lacking track lengths. The chance that such a submission will generate duplicate recordings is very high and will also make it difficult to clean up.

I saw such a case here https://musicbrainz.org/edit/69839074 . My comment to the author was ignored, maybe because comments sometimes come across as impolite.

Thanks to everybody who participates in submitting data, though!


@jesus2099 has a script that lets you just paste the same text you pasted on the edit note and it will try and extract the durations and put them on the right tracks :slight_smile: I forget which one it is, but maybe he can paste a link below!

In general: most dedicated community users will add more info than that, but given people are already doing this for free, we can’t really ask more of people, unless they’re actively adding stuff wrong :slight_smile: After all, that release is better than no release!


Are you sure track times are for this specific edition?
This edition back cover track times differs from yours, but back cover track times are not always correct…

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As soon as the cover archive is working again I will upload the booklet. Which has my track lengths, of course :sweat_smile:.

Done! https://musicbrainz.org/release/bd37e582-7cf1-495b-ad45-462a933f30e8/cover-art

Oh dear, I just noticed that two artists got merged in “Interludes” that have nothing to do with each other… please vote https://musicbrainz.org/edit/69915725

In the case of a digital release, which seems to be the case, I think actual track times from files would be slightly better.

You can use Add cluster as release Picard plugin for that, so it will keep milliseconds precision in track times. Then you can merge previous digital release(s) into this new milliseconds-enabled release.

For the SACD release I used back cover printed track times, but whenever there is a Disc ID, times from it will be better.