Hidden Releases - how to handle?

Recently I came across what I thought was a missing release for an artist that’s on MusicBrainz. So I created a new release and started populating the titles, album name, etc. After entering the barcode number and clicking next, I was greeted with a screen saying that release already exists on MB. It turns out, the system was right, but that release is not visible when you are viewing all the releases on the artist’s page.

The artist is DJ Skribble and one of his releases is called Skribble’s House which is not visible when you are viewing the artist page: https://musicbrainz.org/artist/a5214194-95d8-41d1-b726-a79441deab93

But Skribble’s House is entered as a release for DJ Skribble: https://musicbrainz.org/release/53907647-4c5a-4176-a971-cd8a015b9026

I did notice that the release Skribble’s House is under the release group Essential Presents: Skribbles House. But that release group isn’t visible under the artist either.

Why is the release in question not showing up under the artist and how can I fix this? I must be missing something. What is it? Thanks.

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The album’s release group is for Various Artists, not for DJ Skribble. Seems to be part of a series of albums by various artists.
You have to ‘show various artists release groups’, then it will appear.


The release group only has one release and their title and artist credits are different.
IMO they should be made the same.


Your confusion is not surprising. There is so much data here in MB that it gets categorised. And those “Various Artists” items get assumed to be compilations like “Summer Hits” or “Hed Kandi”. That is why they are not show by default.

This does then hide real collaborations. So watch for those extra links at the bottom of the page.

You’ll also find Bootlegs and Promo releases will be hidden in a similar way.