Help with tricky release: Beautiful (Ambient mix) by Orkidea

I stumbled upon the following release on the iTunes store:

I’m not sure of the best way to add it to the database.

First problem is that the title of the release is “Beautiful (Ambient Mix) - Single”, and given what I understand regarding MB’s style guidelines the “- Single” part should be removed, but the problem I’m having is that the album art for this release suggests the title of the release (not the song within it) should be just “Beautiful”.

Forgive me my ignorance, but what should take preference here, the listed title or the album art?

Secondly, though a release of this song is listed on the artist’s page in the MB database, it lacks a lot of information (release date, release format, etc):

It also has the single listed under the “DJ Orkidea” variant of the artist’s name rather than “Orkidea” which is used for the release in question, as well as others.

Also, this is a release of a remix of the original version of “Beautiful”, so should this go under the “Single + Remix” section, or should it be considered an alternate release of the original single?

I appreciate any assistance from you all regarding this matter.

I’ve added the single.

Drop “Single”, and keep the title “Beautiful (Ambient Mix)” since that is more specific.

Yes, single + remix.

Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t expect anyone else to add it, but thanks anyway. I’ll try to use these guidelines in the future if I come across anything else.

I figured an example would be easier than talking about it. And it was one track, so not much work. :wink:

Maybe not the best place for it, but I don’t suppose you happen to own the single along with this album? Given that there’s three seconds of difference between the recordings on each, I’m inclined to say they should be merged and a “single/EP was taken from” relationship be created, but if it’s easy to check, I’d feel better if someone made sure they are the same recording.