Help with simple renaming script

Can anyone help with this…

  • any tag with “feat.” gets replaced with “ft”
  • if “ft” exists in album or anywhere else its copied to title (if it doesn’t already exist there)

as you can see, just explaining that in English was a challenge!!

  • any characters not allowed in filenames (like : or ) to be removed from all tags.

eventually i’d like to rename files and folders according to tags.


I tried this

so far so good :slight_smile:

I’d also like to add brackets…
title = Song (ft Someone else)
this would match all my Song (BadBoy Edit) and Song (Wild Remix)

ANy ideas?

Anybody know how to close a thread.
I’ve had a change of plan, and this whole threat is out of date now.

Again, MBPicard is frustrating in its incompleteness.

There’s no reason to force a thread closure. Just don’t post to it anymore.

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