Help with script: Adding Columns to main panel

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So I’ve figured out how to add colums to the main panel (thanks to the add_album_column script that is in the repo. And my initial goal was to add columns that displayed the album date, the track disc # and disc subtitle. Mission accomplished, or at least partially. The columns show up and work at the track level, but i need date to work at the album level so that albums are sortable by date…

The code is below:

PLUGIN_NAME = u"Add ExtraColumn"
PLUGIN_AUTHOR = u"Lawrence Winston"
PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION = "Add a few extra columns to the main window panel."


from picard.ui.itemviews import MainPanel
MainPanel.columns.append((N_('Date'), 'date'))
MainPanel.columns.append((N_('Disc #'), 'discnumber'))
MainPanel.columns.append((N_('Disc Title'), 'discsubtitle'))

furthermore I’d like these colums only to be added to the scanned album tree view if that is at all possible


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