Help with renaming script

I am trying to figure out how to write the renaming script so that when it renames and moves the files it creates a single folder for the artist but ignores creating folders for each featured artist. Here is an example of how the folders are created

\cloudcity\NZB\music\Ciara feat. The-Dream[2009] Fantasy Ride\07. Lover’s Thing.mp3
\cloudcity\NZB\music\Ciara[2009] Fantasy Ride\01. Ciara to the Stage.mp3

In this example I want the folder created to simply be Ciara and not Ciara feat. The-Dream. This becomes very cumbersome and want to consolidate this mess. There must be a way to use regex to remove everything from feat. on but I am yet able to figure it out.

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welcome to the party, edimusxero~

it looks like you’re using %artist% instead of %albumartist% for your script. just using the album artist might solve your issue, but I’m sure there’s ways of trimming off everything after “feat./ft./featuring”, if you want to completely remove it from the album artist too. for releases like this one, for instance.

likely the album in question, for others helping with troubleshooting:


that did indeed help, thank you!